Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quilting again!

It was another beautiful day in Kentuckiana.  That's what they call us because we are so close to Southern Indiana, so people lump us all together.  That being said, our quilt group did a little exploring of the "iana" part of the lump.  So off our intrepid quilters went, money and anticipation in hand.  

First stop, The Quilting Bee in Georgetown, Indiana.  This shop is deceiving, definitely don't judge this book by it's cover.  Inside you'll find, this a lovely shop that offered everything, indcluding a find for me, all things Wizard of Oz.  I don't have any plans yet, I've always admired this material and thought, oh I better get it and I did.  

On to lunch at Magdelena's  I can't say it was great, but, it was the only place on the small town square, that once was the state capital of Indiana.  

After our lunch on we traveled to the outskirts of town to a really cute quilt shop, The Holly Hock Quilt shop.    This was a delightfully decorated shop with many quilts hung up and down the stairs and everywhere.  The classroom was well lit and seemed a happy place to be with a variety of samples sure to entice you into one of their classes.  

Here are my purchases and the quilt that my pattern might look like, if I get to it.  Of course you must always get permission to take pictures in a shop, but, if you buy a pattern, I highly recommend you take a few pictures of the item that inspired you in the shop.  There's probably no better way to sell fabric than to make a cute sample.  


Bobbi said...

"A bed without a quilt is like the sky without stars" - I love that plaque. Looks like your group had a wonderful field trip - I'm jealous!

Love the Wizard of Oz material!

Rachel said...

It cracks me up that Wizard of Oz fabric is a hit in other places. Being from Kansas we can't seem to get away from it. Our quilt guild had a challange one year to make a mini quilt with the Wiz as the theme. It looks like you had a fun trip!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

HI thanks for your nice comments about my hexagon quilt. I'm in a bit of a quilting slump at the moment and have lost the blogging energy too. I like the pattern you bought - it's a nice tradtional one but with a twist.


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