Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jennifer's Central Line is finally out!

This is Jennifer heading home, after a year of "what the hell happened?".  She was living her life and bam! a huge lump on the side of her face.  Turned out to be a 1 X 3 inch blue cell tumor called Ewing's Sarcoma.  Ah well, click on the label at right for all the updates on the soon to be forgotten best seller about the ways and delays of light never shining for a train gone terribly off track.  

The day begins at our home away from home, Kosair Children's Hospital, where the geriatric patient has an apprehensive look of the before photo.  Then the double lumen Broviac was removed in out patient surgery this morning around 10:00. Immediately (not really immediately, nothing in a hospital happens immediately) following registration, off she's sent to the bowels of the surgery center for general admitting information.  Attempts at decoration are only enhanced by Casper's warning-"Run Away, Run Away, No treats in here".  

This is a lovely picture, it means there's no more instant access to her blood and she must be accessed the old fashioned way.  Wake up Sleeping Beauty, all well.  Here she is with her cherry slush, starting to wake up and enjoying the only good part of the hospital, all the cherry slushes you can eat.  Oops, tachycardiano go home yet till the heart rate lowers and it did.  After a few consultations by doctors off she was wheeled to have said pipe removed.  

"Oh, it'll be very fast, maybe 15:00 minutes".  Of course that means at least one thousand dollars per minute-you must, you must, you must carry insurance.  


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Thanks for sharing this journey with us. How wonderful to be at the end of a successful treatment.

jovaliquilts said...

So fabulous that this is over! I'm very happy for you and for Jennifer. What a thing to have to go through.

Libby said...

What wonderful news! I'm sure the celebration was a joyful one for everyone. Now on to the amazing things that life has in store for Jennifer!


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