Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Kentucky State Fair, 2008

Oh my goodness it's my favorite time of the year, state fair time.  It's the kitchy coolest time to celebrate.  I usually enter a quilt in the event, but, not this year.  Next year I'll try to enter one again.  

But, we got to see lots of pigeons-"My chest and feathers are bigger than your chest and feathers...hmph!!"
and bunnies "How about a little Barry White?"

mosadorable duck with a smalbeak,"There ain't nobody here but us chickens", I think he was the only duck in the place.  

The piglets were all worn out and grouped together with the most likely exhausted mother at the other side of the stall taking a very deserved rest.  

Of course Kentucky and horses are synonymous.  We are not only known for the thoroughbred horses but also the saddlebred horses, of which this gentleman, Tom Moore, trained quite a lot of them.   The poor cows and 4 H kids are left on cots to spend the night, while the horse industry resides in comfort in the new wing of the fairgrounds.  Ah well, they've earned the right, I suppose and no doubt about it horsing is an expensive hobbyif not business.  

Food is always big business at the fair and here are some more cakes.  Jennifer loves red velvet cakes and here is a spaghetti cake-how do these people come up with these things.  We had a corn on the cob, roasted and a wonderful brisket sandwich at this place.  I highly recommend it.   

Here is my prescription for a fun day at the state fair.  Come around 10:00 and park near the Broadbent Arena, between the West Wing Hall.  Enter the WWH and walk around the current display of animals in this building.  Exit into the parking at the front of the WWH, between it and the BBA where you will find all the Kentucky proud eating places, have your early lunch here and then walk to the left through the market hall, which houses the agriculture and 4H exhibits.  Then go outside and watch the alligator show, if it's on or any of the many free shows that are floating around, or just say hello to Freddy the mascot of the fair.   

Last but not least, I had to take this photo of the wig booth.  There are large blown up photos of the fair in the past and this is 1970.  Be sure to check out you local state fair.  


Libby said...

Mmmm - red velvet cake *s*

Bobbi said...

Hi - I'm also from Kentucky! (Harrodsburg) I found your blog thru another blog I read, The Alien Next Door. I've blogrolled you, so I'll be checking back in!

quiltwhinny said...

Love reading about your KY State Fair. Beautiful photography. Thanks

The Quiltwhinny


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