Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's up with the Olympics?

300 million spent on the opening ceremony and their website, maybe 20 bucks. It's awful. Come on you techno show offs...where's your sense of community? As in all the world? The worlds largest LCD screen, the opening floor like the Colosseum, the precision fireworks and video on the ceiling. It was, without a doubt the most impressive opening ceremonies I can remember.

But, PLEASE GIVE US A DECENT WEBSITE we can actually navigate! You know user friendly?

Off my soap box on that subject for now. My other gripe about the Olympics, is why can't soccer players from professional teams play for their home countries? and what's up with the age requirement being 23 and younger, then you get 3 wild card players...Ronaldino for Brazil? I know it's the opening season for some teams areas, but, the Olympics is only once every 4 years. If you really want the world to "catch on" to soccer/football you need to have spectacular games in which the whole world is you guys in America need to work on that...WAKE UP MLS!

OMG, I better go hide

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