Sunday, August 3, 2008

10 out of 14 done-woohoo!!

Chemo and radiation (especially radiation) be dammed it's all so horrible, but we endure (that's easy for me to say) it so my girl will live to be the wonderful independent wild child adult she was destined to be. Really she's not so wild, but, she is
my bald headed beauty, of which I am so proud. Number 10 out of 14 is over, another 5 nights in the hospital complete. Jennifer gets a 2 week "breather" then back at it. She's going in for scans next week and we are praying it's all still good. Thank you to the many wonderful thoughts and prayers from near and far, bloggers, quilters and anyone in my extended family of support for Jennifer. All you've done for her is truly and greatly appreciated.

What have I been working on lately is that ole hand sewing hexagon, Tillie's Mosiac project.
The original plan was to make a king size quilt, but, the best laid plans...I'm thinking it might weigh too much. You'd be surprised how much 1 inch hexagons and their 1/4 inch seams weigh when sewn together.

Normally when you make a quilt and construct it, you go block by block or strip by strip, but, you work in rows. Since this quilt has some toile placements in it,
I'm working on the the rosettes of the toile centers, surrounded by the hexagons.

Ah well, life goes on. Here's a contrast of my Jeni's style and me. Guess who is

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jovaliquilts said...

Love that shoe photo!! :) And such progress on those hexagons! You're right, I bet a king quilt of those would be very heavy.

Glad you are getting those radiation treatments done. What a trooper your daughter must be.


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