Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Quilt for the new Boomer Sooner

Well, cancer has not completely got me down. I have had a lot of down time, running my DD #1 back and forth to radiation everyday and will for the next 6 weeks, while going through chemotherapy every 2 weeks. This stuff is way not fun. I'm not even in the ballpark of no fun, compared with Jennifer. Ah well, this time next year, it should all be a bad memory.

Someone called from our wonderful church today. They got my name mixed up with Jennifer and said they'd keep
us in their prayers. I guess God knows which is which, so it okay. Our church is getting so large, I know it's impossible for someone to remember all however many thousands are now attending. But, I've never met this new minister and have been attending said church for 12 years now. I don't go every time the doors are open, but, I was going every Tuesday to lead our church quilt group, Northeast Quilting Friends. I haven't attend but, once in the last several months because I don't want to be a downer to the group. The last time I came to the meeting I cried. The ladies have managed quite well without me. What did I expect? Helplessness? A complete loss of quilt abilities? Nope, they did just fine, when I came back the one time. Ah well, what will be, will be and the quilting group goes on.

Anywho, here's Jennifer in her radiation session.
It's quite the science fiction setting, but, it's no fiction...lots of science. Life does go on, everyone has their own soap operas to manage. Speaking of newest, my niece had a baby boy, Daxton. She sent pictures of him dressing in his Oklahoma State University outfit, of which Boomer Sooner is the mascot. So, in honor of our new Boomer Sooner, here is my original design of an OU baby quilt! Hah! Who needs a pattern. I tried a new boarder technique where I made the center blocks and then laid the border on top of the red blocks then did a raw edge appilque curving to add some visual texture to the straight blocks. And everyone wants to the back, so here it is, flannel.


jovaliquilts said...

Such a great baby quilt, and so perfect for that family!

I'm sure your quilt group doesn't NEED you, but WANTS you there. None of us is indispensable, but that doesn't mean our presence isn't a joy to others. I bet these women would love to offer their support now that you could use it. Hang in there.

Libby said...

What a great design for the new baby *s*
Sending some *hugs* to help you through these trying days.


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