Monday, December 10, 2007

Quilting and a couple of ramblings.

Have you ever noticed, quilters have a multitasking personality. I believe it carries over, not just in my need to work on many different projects at once but, also over to my reading habits. I'm currently reading a novel, a small book, and a collection of short stories. Go figure.

Now, at this time, like the squirrel collecting her nuts,
I'm dillegently trying to finish piecing the Diamond in the Rough quilt pattern for my MIL's Christmas. Before you think, what a nice DIL I am, please know that I've forgot her birthday more times than I can count on both hands and can never come up with a likable Christmas present (for her-I don't know what happens, I like everything I get her) ((even the 3 strand pearl necklace made popular by first lady Barbara Bush)) (((What was I thinking?))) So here it is to this point. All the fabric is cut and about 2/3's of the center is sewn.

I hate laying things out on the floor. Most of the time I have a design wall, constructed of Thermore or any flat batting. You take 4 yards of the batting, cut it in half and sew up the seam for the middle. I then use push pins and hold it to the wall in my sewing room. I took the last one down, because it had collected a lot of threads. This is used in a quilt. It's okay if it has a lot of thread on it, it's what fabric is made of and so my last quilt was embellished on the inside.

I've made the pattern a little more complicated and am making it scrappy instead of using one fabric for the sashing. I had very good intentions of using what I had. And, since Moda is one of the best for continuing a collection of fabric, by making it coordinate with another one, I was able to combine 2 different fabric lines to make this quilt. I first fell in love with the blue in the Folklorique line and then I think the Three Sisters is the other line of fabric I coordinated with. I think it works pretty well.
What to do for the border is my next question. Any suggestions? Don't make it too difficult, I've got to finish today or tomorrow, as we are leaving for Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 22 so it needs to be quilted by then. I figure I can sew the binding down on the road to family, while blissfully listening to headphones, conversation in the car and dreaming of the next quilt to be made.

Happy Quilting!


dot said...

This quilt is wonderful. Everything goes together wonderfully. The lucky person who receives is will be very happy.

Screen Door said...

I'm in love with your quilt, great pattern and colors. The outside border edging is perfect. Great job.

Vicki W said...

I love this quilt. The colors are very pretty and I really like all of the different neutral fabrics for the block backgrounds.

Anne Ida said...

This is going to be a wonderful quilt! Hang in there and get it done :o) And I'm sure your MIL will forgive and forget all the birhdays forgotten :o)


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