Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here's some of the quilts I've made.

Here's a few of the quilts I've made. One of these days, I need to get out all my quilts and have a picture taking day. I like to take my pictures from my top deck looking down on my bottom deck. As you can see from our second story window, it's a pretty slushy day here inthe blue grass. Mudders are great days to bet the horses, cause long shots win.

It's Christmas time so I get out my crazy quilt stockings. This is mine. Before I was a quilter, I liked to embroider. Didn't everyone start with stitching? Or did you jump right into sewing/quilting?

I've shared quilting with my grandmother, here is a quilt we made together. I've shared quilting with my mother, I don't have any pictures of hers, cause I gave them back to her after I quilted them.

These are slushy pictures of my backyard. Grey days in Kentucky, USA, are always good for quilting
and sewing or embroidery.

Here's some of how I'm quilting the Diamond in the Rough. Click for a close up.


Kathie said...

Nice to see how you display the quilts in your home.
Love the nine patch one on the railing...
and the one with the flying geese as the border would love to see that quilt!

Bren said...

Gorgeous quilts. I love the one done with your Grandmother. Your Christmas tree is beautiful.


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