Friday, August 31, 2007

Organizing Cd's and Books are next!

Every once in a while a blog I read, turns on the light in my brain, that's a great topic to write about. I was so inspired by Bloomin' Workshop, where I read an interesting bit about a bookshelf and some of her favorite books. So, I thought I would show some of the disorganized bookshelf that soon won't be-disorganized that is. When I rearrange the bookshelf, I'll tell of my favorite books on my shelf.

I noticed when I was posting about the Kentucky State Fair, there were several blogs that wrote about their own state fairs and I don't know if I was the first to write about it or not, but, it appeared a lot of quilters share the passions, for quilting, books and their state fairs.

I've lately been nesting and recently was stuck in Costco while waiting for my tires to be fixed. These are a couple of things I came home with: A media shelf, which I'm still filling with CD's I'm downloading into my PC and will soon burn a back up of some of them so I can play them in the car, without the possibility of losing the original. I'm sure I'll fill this shelf up with many CD's still to store-off the floor. I think I'll get a shelf in the closet and fill it up next.

I also bought a chair for sewing. You really want to invest in a good chair with lumbar support and a lift so you can sit at the proper height while sewing.

Along with these items, I also got lots of groceries, enough to feed an army-cause that's the way it's sold there. The produce is the best at Costco, I think the perishables as a whole are the best.

Well, need to finish up my organizing, CD's and books.

Make it a Great Day!


Anita said...

Oh my goodness... I like that media shelf. We have been looking for one. We'll have to check out our Costco and see if they have something. Good idea! I would never have thought to look there. :-)

Julia said...

Thanks for the pictures. The media cabinet is a very attractive piece of furniture. Your new chair is so hi-tech looking, looks very comfy. I agree about having a good sewing chair, I invested in a good one last winter and I LOVE it!!!!!

Libby said...

I do love to buy my fruit at Costco - it always seems to be such a high quality. And, of course, we are easily getting our '5 A Day.' With only 2 in the house, we must stay up on the quantities we must purchase *s*

Shelina said...

Just dropping by to say hello. I hope a shelf of books didn't fall on you, and that all your books and cds are all organized by now and you are just resting.


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