Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Organizing and Waterfront Wednesday today.

What is it in us that makes us need to organize sometimes. It just feels good and best of all, doesn't cost a thing. I really am a nester. I like to organize and rearrange furniture. It makes me feel good. I don't know why, it just does. Yesterday I was stuck at Costco for an hour while I waited to have my tires rotated and balanced. Warning: never be stuck in store when nesting. I left after getting tires done for free but bought $440.00 for organizing. Now the work doesn't cost a thing but, my oh my, what beautiful shelves I have for my CD's. Yes, I think I'm one of the last people in the world that still buys the CD's, cause I think the artist deserves to be heard in whole.

Like reading a book, I like to give the author a chance and read into it, before I give up. The same is true with a CD. I think the group or artist has attempted to create a cohesive work. I imagine it's late hours spent deciding just where a particular song should be heard on a record. In case some of you don't remember what a record is, in "the old days" music was put on a vinyl record and played on a turn table. Most music people still refer to records and their music but, it is now recorded on a compact disc or CD. I suppose in the end, CD's will become obsolete because people don't want to spend the money on a whole CD when it's only one song they really want. Thus the gargantuan success of Itunes. Genius Steve Jobs.


Libby said...

We still buy cd's, too. Well, to be honest lp's aren't out of the question. There are still places that sell them and even current recording artists release on vinyl. This last weekend, Hubby was gifted with a box of old albums from his parents. In that box . . . a 78 rmp of Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line - on the Sun Record label. To us - better than gold *s*

paula, the quilter said...

And then there are the over 600 lp's carefully stored on the shelves in my basement, along with the over 300 CD's. O, and like Libby, I have some 78's, but mine are Al Jolson. I also have the turntable to play all of them on, and a CD burner hooked up to the turntable. That way I can burn my lp's onto CD and then download them into my iPod!

Julia said...

Where are some pics of your new shelves and organization? We want to see!!!

CONNIE W said...

I'm a CD buyer also. Got rid of most of my vinyls but kept the original Beatles and a few other faves. I need a set-up like Paula has.


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