Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Butterflies, Bloomin Roses and Machine Quilting... vewy, vewy quite...we're hunting butterflies...hehehehe...Loonie Tunes...remember that saying?
Elmer J. Fudd?
Not really hunting, just trying to attract them. Since I've stopped feeding the birds, as they bring along various raccoons, squirrels and shrews, we have halted the bird seed. But, there is no end to my need for cheap entertainment, thus the strawberries. I understand that butterflies like very ripe fruit. My camera is at the ready, in case we get a lovely visitor.

Shrew you ask? Yes, in our house. My husband, daughter and I chased it all over our basement and DH was able to swish it out the door safely with a broom. Cute little critters, maybe they don't eat birdseed, but, one in the house was enough.

On to all things quilting...since our Bloomin' Roses are due for the Show and Tell party at one of our member's homes, I thought I'd show the final stages of completion. It's only taken me about a half a day to complete the quilting. I'm using the silk batting with this lap quilt. My machine seems to like the batting. It's very thin. The best test, for me is the cover test. How does it feel under the quilt. I'll let you know when I get there.Here's me in at the machine. There's really nothing more enjoyable than machine quilting, free motion. It is a lot like painting. The faster you go the easier it is. I don't like templates that much, but, I know they have a place and I've used them before. Whatever you do don't throw away the leftover batting. I like to use it in pillows. You can also hand sew the pieces together to use in another quilt. Just butt the edges up against each other and zigzag sew-trying not to create a lot of bulk. You then sandwich this in a regular quilt, nobody will know.

It's a beautiful day here in Kentucky, and it's summer so that means strawberries. Here's the fruity portion of strawberry shortcake. I've got a Bisquik mix to make later for the desert. For my homesick daughter in NYC, here's our summertime backyard in Crestwood, Kentucky, USA.

Is there nothing more poetic than wilting roses? These are Chelsea's favorite flowers,
they'd be happy if she was

This, on the other hand,
makes us very happy and very proud. Way to go Jennifer!

Happy Quilting....


Lilli said...

What a full, heartwarming post. Up here in Vancouver we have sun and it's warmer than it has been lately, but for us 'warmer' means 80 degrees. I don't really want to go near the fabric now, but maybe I'll attack my most recent tote bag once it cools down tonight :)

Tracey said...

The blooming rose quilt is so cheerful and fun. Would you please share a picture of the backing fabric when you get a chance? The sneak peeks of it I'm seeing on the frame roller have me very intriqued....

Connie said...

Nice photo of you machine quilting. Never thought of using strawberries to lure butterflies. Let us know if you have good results. I certainly wouldn't want one of those shrews visiting my house!

Leigh said...

Congratulations Jennifer well done!!
Good luck with the butterflies :-)

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Thank you for the kind words about my blog. It feels good.

Beth said...

I have started piecing batting. Esp for placemats and baby quilts. My favorite thing right now is to save all sorts of quilty scraps (the tiny ones NO one uses), I line a small trash can with a pillowcase or stash fabric pillow. When that is full,I serge the edge...VOILA a dog bed. Off to the rescue group of my choice! Cheery quilt...proud grad! (I think we win the 'heat' prize 108° today and 111° tomorrow ICK)


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