Sunday, May 6, 2007

Decorate you house with quilts

Besides a quilt rack, there are many ways to display your quilts. My favorite is in the living room. I do like snuggling up with rag quilts and reading a good magazine or book every morning, so it's easy to sit on one draped over a chair, then I can wrap it around

Quilters, in general, like stuff. I guess I'm no exception. My "stuff" consists of things that are personal. There are not many things more personal than a quilt you have created. Whether with a pattern or not, they usually take a long to make, sometimes carry our blood and for sure have heard us think most personal thoughts. Oh, you think your quilts can't hear you? They become like our children that we don't mind about setting a good example for. Not that we'd do anything really bad, but, you know, quilters are human and may slip up, on occasion. Love those quilts!

Does anyone have this problem? Kids taking over the computer? I don't mind, she's home and we know she's safe. It's a lovely spring day here in Kentucky, USA. The Derby was yesterday and I didn't go. It is way too crowded for me. It's another wonderful tradition in the bluegrass. But, I do like it here, since moving from Houston, Texas, USA. We didn't have all these interesting creatures in our backyard there.


Helen in the UK said...

Your room looks so cosy and inviting. Love the quilts :)

Leigh said...

How warm and welcoming your home looks with all those beautiful quilts.

Alison said...

Like your previous post said ...."my life is in that quilt" and as a quilter I have a few that I have talked to over the years.....even shouted at a few also!!
But I love them all. It is very hard for me to give a quilt away unless I am sure it is going to a loving home and I can always visit. I'm just a sad case.

Helen said...

Yes, I have had the same problem with the kids taking over the computer. Only solved by having one each! (That includes husbands)

Marcie said...

Oh my gosh! My eyes are darting all over your blog at all the wonderful flashing quilts. What a feast!

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