Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Quilt Grows...

It's no wonder quilters like gardening. Quilts are similar to flowers in that they grow. Occasionally, I have made a quilt from a pattern and follow it strictly. The longer I have been making quilts the more the pattern has become a jumping off point for size, as well as design. I love when I find a pattern I like and am challenged to make modifications. Such is the case with the quilt I am currently working on, this being a nine patch/hour glass quilt with and applique border

I walked into my fun house closet full of a
ll kinds of fabric and thread and buttons and all that is good in the quilt world. And asked myself, "okay, whose turn is it next to be made into a quilt?" Some bright batiks were screaming "take me, take me" in a language I could barely understand. The Civil War prints were very traditionally requesting their turn next but, were weary with age, besides, I have a Dear Jane that is their peace time destination. The Japanese prints were posing their best Sumo for attention and certainly I couldn't make out what they were saying...probably poking fun at me in Japanese.

Anyway, in an effort to reduce my stash, I ignored all the cries for attention and chose one of the larger pieces of material, approximately 7.5 yards. This was my beginning inspiration. I figured it had many different colors in it and that would help make it tie all the other fabrics together.

Matching this fabric with my large amount of white on white fabric, I had my hour glass complete. Next, since I had many color choices to choose from, I went with pink and brown. I'd been hoarding/collecting these fabrics for a long time, knowing I did want to make a pink and brown quilt, but, had no idea what kind to make...HA! Stash busting is such a good

Anyway, this quilt pattern combines my favorite style of quilting, that being combining the techniques of applique and piecing. So once I've grown the top nine patch/hour glass blocks for the top, next I will work on the applique border all this to cover my big beg!
What fun and therapy quilting is.

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Rose Marie said...

You'll have to keep us posted once you start doing you applique! It looks good so far.


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