Friday, September 7, 2012

Juneau and bad weather canceled our float plane excursion

These cruise ships carry the amount of people the same as the town I grew up in, Collinsville, Oklahoma-give or take 3000 people on the boats.  If it wasn't for these ships, I doubt there would be too many living in AK, it's just too darn cold for many many months out of the year.  But, seeing the northern lights for me, might make it worth one winter.  It sounds like staying a whole winter is a badge of honor, but not often done twice.  

Juneau is the state capital and only accessible by plane.  Float plane.  We had planned our float plane excursion to the Taku Lodge and the weather was bad and it got canceled.  

This guy was showing off, it looked like he was buzzing the boat!

Juneau wasn't all bad.  We saw some of the most beautiful flowers.  The state fair prize for the cabbage was won by a 100 lb. cabbage. It means thousands of dollars for the winner.  I guess the long days means bigger and better plants.  

Walking around town we found a fabulous quilt shop and the best halibut fish and chips I've ever eaten at the Hanger.  Be prepared to pay up for the fabric and fish, Alaska is not a cheap state for tourists or people that live there.  

 There is a fabulous quilt shop in Juneau!

 Our narrow hallways.

 The short growing season makes for some spectacular flowers!

Our rooms were 8616 and mom and dad's was 8622.  We both had balcony rooms.  I highly recommend that for AK get balconies.  

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