Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today I ride my bike. I'm looking forward to

I picked my Specialize Vita Sport hybrid bike up at the Bardstown Road Bicycle shop yesterday.  I was disappointed it was so dirty.  How unprofessional.  My bike is white and they didn't even bother to wipe off the black grease hand prints.

I'm going to finish out the season with this bike, then maybe look into a nice road bike.  I don't think I'll buy a bike from the BRB.  They are nice people, but, I paid 60.00 bucks for a tune up and to get it back filthy????  Come on people.  There are lots of choices in Louisville these days for bike purchasing.

Maybe I'm just looking for a reason to get angry.  Working out for a triathlon could be a means to a distraction from something.  Of all the addictive behaviors I could have chosen, I suppose exercising and competing in destination races is a good one.  I don't know if I'm addicted to exercise.  Sometimes I look forward to the training and sometimes I'm worn out.  

I missed my workout yesterday.  I was feeling a little down.  I haven't heard from my oldest daughter for a while.  She's in Portland and I'm worried about her.  If she doesn't want to talk to us, that's okay, just text us every once in a while to let us know she's fine.  Mother's Day about a month ago, was the last time she called.  She has since changed her number and deleted her Facebook account.  We are going to Alaska in August and if we haven't heard from her before then, should we stop in Portland and try to find her?  I don't know...

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