Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Such was our fate at in Salem, Indiana.  The day started off just lovely, wonderful weather, our troop of gals shrunk from 18 to 8, but, that just meant fewer to have to wait on.  So it was just right.  Quilter camaraderie is a good thing, however, it can lead to copious amounts of spending if you have Show an Tell at lunch.  Those of you not familiar with the quilters Show and Tell at lunch, well, it's shopping first then walking to Christie's on the Square and having lunch.  Hmmm, now whose bright idea was it to show what we bought, maybe me.  But, oh well, we must support on LQS's in the area and we did just that, not once, but, after seeing things purchased and the hearing the reasons for buying them, it made perfect sense to return to the shop and make even more purchases. 

My first round of purchases netted these lovelies.  Can you ever have enough Christmas fabric around?  What about Steam a Seam Lite 2?  Just in case the Mackenna Ryan pattern that I've been putting off comes to call my name in the late of night, I can't be without the fusible web material to make it. 

Round 2 after a great lunch at Chrisitie's on the Square and our Show and Tell, found these lovelies for me to have.  What quilter should be without a license plate frame for their car.  A quilter puzzle and scissors for gifts are always handy.  Then a bit more fabric and I was done!

That wasn't too bad now was it?

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