Friday, April 1, 2011

An ironing board cover and a horse quilt

My regular quilt group, Northeast Quilting Friends, has expanded.  We have 25 on our roster and from week to week, 15 or so show up.  In our room we currently meet in, this is getting to be a problem, so we've started a second group which meets on Friday in the Lower Level, from 10 to 1:00.

Well, today, there is a wedding reception being set up in the LL and so I set our quilt group up in the room right next door to our regular room.  I had the room to myself, the whole time.  Come to find out, when I returned all the "gear" to the quilting room, that was being used by another group, there were people looking for quilting!

Oh well, it meant I was very, very productive today.  I really get so much more done without all the distractions of home.

I made an ironing board cover, mine old one had holes in it.  If you need to recover anything, just take it apart and use that as the pattern.

Then I started a new horse quilt.  Mom's Closet has an annual fund raiser, the Wednesday before the Kentucky Derby and I'm making a quilt for them to sell raffle tickets for.  This is another one I'll be donating for the fundraiser.  Maybe it's a silent auction item.

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