Sunday, March 6, 2011

Liverpool Beats the Red Devils!! 3-1

Who would have thought this outcome?  The Liverpool team seemed in control for the whole game.  Holding the Red Devils down all the way.  The Anfield crowd let their voice be heard with some of the most rousing rounds of song to heard on TV at a soccer game in quite a while.  You've got to love a team with a show tune for the team song!

The energizer bunny of a man, Dirk Kuyt was the only goal scorer (3) for Liverpool.  What a striker.  Suarez proved his worth with his valuable foot work, which got the ball to Kuyt a couple of times.

This is not the team of the Pre Christmas slump.  I wondered if they all knew that Torres was on the way out and were wondering about their fate.

Ah well, what a turn around the Reds are on fire! Great game!!!

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