Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Retro Designed Shirt

This is the front of our new group shirt.  It was a really large man's work shirt I bought at Dollar General for 10.00.  After cutting the sleeves down and shortening the length we have a new design.

This is not our first denim shirt we have made for our quilt group.  Traditionally the pocket has served as the name tags and I chose to paint mine and then add a vintage hankie for a little bit of vintage retro flair.

It's a quilter thing.  I plan to wear it on trips with our group and to Quilters' Day Out.

1 comment:

The Quilting Divas said...

I like your shirt. I will look for you at QDO. I need to sign up the Fairdale Happy Stitchers for QDO. We don't need electricity. We will have quilts to display and a storyboard. J.Mikes


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