Monday, October 4, 2010

If you like to make puzzles your will like quilting...I think

We quilters don't usually shy away from a challenge.  It seems our little grey cells are in constant need of stimulation.  Which for us is manipulating fabric into designs.

This can be a daunting thing to do.  When you go into a quilt store, you are not looking at little pieces of material all cut up and sewn together in a "test block".  Nope, you have to see in your oh so powerful minds eye the mostly 2X3 inch pieces, in this case, that will become a Tennessee Waltz quilt block.  Then you have to imagine the snowball block to go along side it.

Here is my attempt at joining those colors in fabric to make quilt blocks to be sewn together, soon.  Who needs a Birangle.

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