Tuesday, February 2, 2010

kitchen remodel day 3

Well the granite was installed pretty smoothly. We are waiting for the cooktop to come in at Sears and should be picking it up this afternoon.

I will stand on my soap box for a minute. Sears customer focus is pretty bad. I have tried to call numerous times and the answering machine sucks, quite frankly. "Which department please" says anonymous fake friendly woman, "appliances" says dazed and confused customer who only wants to know if her cooktop is in. The machine on the other end totally misunderstands and then HANGS UP ON ME! What a joke. Luckily the sales rep gave me her card with her cell phone number on it in preparation for just such an encounter. Is it my fault I lost it? A trip to Sears it is and hopefully our cooktop will be installed.

My DH informs me the cooktop might not fit. So this picture might be different in the end, but, this is what we've ordered.

The next big decision is the backsplash. I really like the rustic natural stone look and I think I prefer these rectangle tiles. The big choice is white or gold? The creative part is above the stove of which there are many choices-I found a rooster, but, then, for resale, maybe just and interesting white on white manipulation of tiles.
Putting tiles together is like making a quilt, you might fall in love with fabrics in the store, but until you sew them together you really don't know how the colors and visual textures will work together. Notice how the gold tiles really pull the gold tones out of the granite and the white does the same with the white. How Fun! I should have been an interior designer.


The Calico Cat said...

Sears customer focus is pretty bad.

You must have missed my blog post on that subject from a few years ago...

White - in case you were solicting advice.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

The new granite counters look great! Is that Venetian Gold granite? We just put that in last summer, and used the ivory tumbled stone backsplash.


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