Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Block Wonder Encore third tumbling block

The OBWE quilt is growing. If you like to be creative and experiment and don't know what you are going to get until you put it together, i.e. you mystery quilt people, then you would like making this quilt.

One note about fabric. The saturation of color from my holy fabric-Ricki Timms material 24.00 a yard at the time it was for sale-I think it's more now-really stands up to time. I got it several years ago and my goodness it is still bold. The yellow hollow cube on the left side is "regular" quilt material, from a LQS in town called Among Friends. I probably paid 8 to 9 dollars a yard there. It is no slouch fabric, except when put in a quilt with an extremely expensive, hand dyed fabric. The other yellow hollow cube in the middle is also Ricki Timms fabric.
Oh well, my quilting goes on and my scrap can runneth over!

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