Wednesday, June 24, 2009

White water rafting and skunked at fishing...still all goodg

The girls have flown the coupe.  Jennifer is in Spain and Chelsea is in San Francisco, doing what they are supposed to be doing-abandoning their parents. Well, you know it seems that way.  We raise them to be responsible adults and then they are off to live in the world, without us.  

Oh well, more time for quilting and white water rafting.  

We got to the Rivermen, our fishing guides were waiting for us.  Our boats were loaded into the upper Gauly and down the river, for 14 miles we were paddled by our guide, Peter.  Peter is probably a very good fishing guide, if he weren't working with such inexperienced fishers.  Honey Hole after Honey Hole we were guided to and told now toss it right there and you'll catch a fish.  It seemed he was right and we did what we were told.  Maybe we got a couple of bites, either that or a snag.  Needless to say, they call it getting skunked and since we were paying for it, it was our guides fault.  But, we really can't blame it all on him.  Getting skunked was probably mostly on us.  Even the other group of well outfitted fishermen, only caught 6 fish so we weren't the only ones not getting our share of fish.  

Mostly it was a little smooth and a little rocky ride.  But, one section we did have to walk around while our guides rode the boats down a treacherous bit of river.  In the end it was a nice boat ride and the guides had to work really hard, paddling against the wind.  

To cap it off, we had dinner at a great outdoor restaurant called Smokies, directly across the street from the Rivermen campgrounds.  

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jovaliquilts said...

I did some rafting a couple years ago for the first time (so far!!) and I absolutely loved it! Looks like such a great trip you had.


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