Sunday, June 28, 2009

USA is second against was so close!

It looked like we were going to pull off another big upset.  First it was taking down Spain 2-0.  Then the Americans wanted it so, so bad and came closer than any other time in USA soccer history to winning a FIFA competition.  The event was in South Africa, the sight for the next World Cup tournament.  There is no greater glory, in the football world, than winning the World Cup, a once every four years tournament played by national players from each country.  This is why America is given a more equal footing.  The bigger clubs can spend huge, huge, sums of money for players from any country in the world.  Half of the Liverpool, England team is made of Spaniards.  America is coming to this, but, slowly, thank you Drew Carey for your support in this regard.  

The Americans came out blazing and pulled ahead 2-0 and it look like it was over.  My goodness, they were tasting it, in imaginary fashion, I suppose.  This game, the Confederations Cup-one year from the WC/2010-was getting them excited.  But, in the end, Brazil proved why it's won the World Cup competition 5 times and pulled off the upset of the seemingly invincible Americans.  

During the game, one of the announcers stated the largest number of ticket sales for 2010's World Cup has been purchased by Americans. 

You will be the first to lead the way for that "generation" that is growing up at home, loving the beautiful game.  

Hold your beautiful heads up boys, we are coming to help you next year. If we can-lions, tigers and bears, Oh my!  Spaniards, Italians, and Brazilians, Oh My!  But, you know that damn buzzing gets old...


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