Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paducah Quilt Show 2009 Part 1

My friend Shirley and I took the bus to Paducah, Kentucky, sponsored by Happy Heart Quilt Shop in Louisville.  In the past the quilt show in Paducah has been known as the premiere quilt show in the country.  Not only does the Convention Center where the award winning quilts are displayed, but the a large portion of the town comes out with quilts in the windows.  We started our opening day of the show at the Cherry Convention Center.  This is known as the Rotary Show, as the local Rotary Men's Club, hosts the Pilgram Roy Collection of Antique Quilts.  Some of  these quilts seemed remarkably contemporary.  But, like the Geese Bend Quilts, considered to be sophisticated art quilts, really it was probably the fabric on hand put together in a pleasing manner.  The Hoffman Challenge is on display there as well.  This year the fabric selected for the challenge, was made into dolls.  This doll's name is Elenore.  This building should not be missed, as there are many vendors and other interesting things to see there.  

Speaking of Elenore, after the Rotary Show, we walked to the really good barbque in town.  A small place where usually only the locals are on hand.  But, since last year, my mom and I had time to explore more, we happened upon this little old fashioned establishment.  

Elenore's barn was next and we bought some fabric for a couple of projects I'm working on.  We did not get to see the days entertainment as the shuttle bus to the quilt show was pulling up at the door and off we went.  

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