Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Family Vacation, part 2

I just have so manpictures and memories about our Christmas cruise that I thought I'd write a bit more about Mexico, beautiful and edgy, a little scary maybe.  I didn't get a picture of it, but there were check points with men with guns that were checking people as they drove into Cozumel.  But, what is life without a little adventure and excitement, I actually saw men carrying guns in NYC so, we aren't that different!  

Our trip began with sailing into the harbor and getting on the Vomitorium, our ferry boat ride from the ship to Cozumel.  Here you can see people have already bailed to gupstairs, cause that was supposed to be better, but for me it was not!  Anyway, that trip quickly forgotten, we arrived at Cozumel and met our tour guides which made us stick close together with absolutely no shopping time and off we headed to catch our bus for a 1 hour ride.  This is where we were allowed to go through the check points with guns. 

After arriving at Tulum for the ruins, we were led to a small opening in the rocks which led to the wide openness of the ruins, which must have added to the drama of the religious events that took place there long ago.  The dramatic structures and their mysterious meanings behind the sculptures and placements of the buildings  Then the beautiful ocean that stands behind the ruins is the perfect backdrop.  

After the ruins we were brought a ways from there to a restaurant on the beach.  They catch some of their water and have a unique outdoor bathroom.   

Then it was back to the ferry where all were dreading the Vomitorium.  But, NOTE TO FUTURE FERRY RIDERS: ALWAYS GO ON A FERRY BOAT WITH A CATAMARAN HULL.  I don't know, but the "expert" on board said it rides the wave a lot more stably than a regular boat.  My lack of sickness sure spoke volumes on that.  

Back to our home away from home, The Mariner of the Seas, where even the crew in the bowels of the boat got into the Christmas spirit.  

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jovaliquilts said...

Great vacation photos! Looks like a wonderful trip, warm, sunny, interesting, fun.


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