Monday, November 3, 2008

Young Buck in the Backyard..Run Away, Run Away

It's another beeeeautiful fall day here in the Ohio Valley.  Lest I speak too soon, I think my alergies have actually adapted and I'm able to spend the afternoon working in the yard.  We did get some pruning done.  I imagine some of you gardeners might cringe at the but there's been a plum tree in our front yard that is so heavy with leaves and limbs, that is droops so low it really bugs my husband while mowing.  So, off with her head.  I hope the tree doesn't die.  

On to my post today.  I'm still working on the machine quilting for my sister.  While walking into the kitchen I noticed a deer in the backyard.  Every time I've seen a deer in our yard, it's followed by one or two fawns.  There were no fawns with this one.  At first I felt a little sad, you know there's dogs around here and I thought that maybe Bambi was left for dead.  Then I looked a little closer.  Just above the ears you'll see the horns.  Oh my goodness, a buck on the run.  It's November and that means deer hunting season of some sort or other.  I don't think I've ever seen a buck around how can I get him in my garage for safety.  On second thought, he's probably pretty safe, as long as he stays in our neighborhood.  No hunter in his/her right mind would get a gun out in A NEIGHBORHOOD...or would they.  Yikes!

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