Saturday, November 15, 2008

Superb Acting in new James Bond

C rating for the new 007 flick, Quantum of Solace.  

The classic beginning credits was really sad.  Done by Jack White, who I really like and Alicia Keys.  What was the thinking on that?  It seemed they were battling for more air time singing their own style...yuk.  Poor editing for stunts, jerky camera, cheap editing during some stunts.  Every time the actors were speaking their lines, it was really good.  Great evil guy-eating an apple before the climax, awesome.  

Watch Casino Royal for a refresher before you go.  I was a bit lost on some things because I hand not seen it in 2 years.  Daniel Craig is a great actor, and the Dame, Judi Dench, always holds her own, even the bond girl was firing, no pun intended, on all cylinders.  Gottta Go!

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