Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Beautiful Game

Soccer has not caught on in America and I can't understand it. It is the sport of the everyman size-not the steroid abusing, obnoxious egotists-well maybe there are some obnoxious egotists in soccer, but it takes so much finesse and so long to get a score that it makes it that much sweeter when they do. My new favorite team, for the Eurocup 2008, is Spain. I would have been voting for Turkey, but, they have so many injuries and yellow card penalties, I doubt they have much hope against the big, bad Germans.

Ah well, it's still the beautiful game.

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Libby said...

We have long since given up on professional sports - drugs, egos, etc. have taken all the fun out of watching. I have not gotten on the soccer band wagon yet . . . but I eagerly look forward to the Olympics. Yes, there are cheaters, but for the most part they participate simply for the love of their sport and that makes me smile *s*


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