Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Work, work,

New York is just a memory now. We made our plans, we stayed at Pari's place in the middle of down town Manhattan. Another recommendation if you are going to NYC, splurge on a city hotel. We've also done the cheap route for a week and gotten a hotel in Pennsylvania and rode the train in every day to save some money, and if you must, you must, but, it's so nice to able to walk from place to place. We were a block from the Moma and the Folk Art Museum. While my DH was in a conference I was able to spend blissful hours in both. Here in Louisville, we have a great museum, called the Speed Museum. I don't take the time to visit it as often as I should. It's had quite a lot of wonderful visiting displays and now I am resolved to get my share of culture in the local museum more often. Back to our life in the routine of Crestwood, Kentucky, USA. Like a comfortable pair of fuzzy socks and a cozy jogging suit to wear, life in the routine is pretty nice. That's another benefit of going away, it makes you appreciate, just a little more, your life at home. I like to travel and the anticipation of it is so very exciting. It's a bit like buying a new car, the shopping is sort of fun, until you actually buy it. Like traveling, the planning is the best. The actual travel can be exhausting but, then you've created some wonderful memories and expands your thinking about the world. It helps you see the bigger picture in life. Travel is where life is at, for me at least. Having experiences is most important.

Ah well, back to work and routine. I've finished making a quilt
with my mom for my daughter Chelsea. Now I'm making these really cool bags for people in her geology club. Apparently, as a geologist, you need a field book and a bag to put them in. So, I've been designing and working on several types, trying to find a design that will meet all the needs of the students that choose to try one. Here's what I've come up with so far. We tried magnetic snaps, but there may be issues with compasses. So I picked up some velcro buttons that should do nicely. Then there is an issue with attaching them to the belt so I'm trying "D" Rings, like we have on backpacks. It needs to be very sturdy and secure. If there are any other suggestion for improving this design, I'm all


joyce said...

The bags look very useful. I would maybe think about a zipper closing but that would probably be quite a lot more work.

Libby said...

That's a great looking bag - I wouldn't know what to suggest for improvements.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hmm, tricky, it looks great as is, but i am wondering as well whether velcro will be reliable enough, especially the dots. If it jusdt had a zip at the top it probably wouldn't need the fold over...and then it is a completely different I said, tricky if you aren't holding it in your hand!
Love the NY idea, did you have a cosmopolitan for me? Tracey

KCQuilter said...

Wow, Chelsea's quilt is gorgeous. And I love those geology bags--they are pretty but functional!!!


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