Monday, October 8, 2007

It's almost

At last, I think, it's almost here. The leaves they are a've been having record high heat and I just heard that we will be getting some cooler weather tonight. That's none too soon, because tomorrow, our quilt group is going on a trip to the Louisville Stoneware andHadley Pottery stores. We'll finish up with a trip to Bear's fabric store. It should be lots of fun and just in time to buy a gift for my MIL.

I had hoped to finish the Diamond in the Rough quilt but, have been in need of a purse so I made these
2 cute clutch bags that my DD #2 grabbed and I'm keeping my favorite.

Oh yes, I've been busy of
late and am now a National Geographic Scuba Diver. Yeah me!! It's a great sport? hobby? I don't know, but, it's a lot of fun and great exercise. I can't wait to go to the ocean and dive at a reef.

We did our testing in Mermet Springs, Illinois, right outside of Paducah, Ky, yes, that Paducah, the quilt capital of America. But, alas, woes me, I went on Sunday to quilt shop-ain't nothing open on Sunday in the quilt world in Paducah, so I go this, everywhere we went

Also, went to another
concert-Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem. We left before the main act, Arcade Fire-DD #1 had too much homework so we left a little early.

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