Monday, June 25, 2007

Tagged I'm it...

I've seen these tags everywhere and as of yet have not been asked to list my seven most random things about me. Until now, I've been tagged by the the lovely Diva of Quilts. Randomness is really something I like, uniqueness, oddities and all things original are my favorite things in life. Here are some specific random things about me...hmmm...that may be an oxymoron, one of my favorite things.

1. I like juxtapositions: words or titles that conflict, such as Waxfang, a band I'm liking a bit these days.

2. I like to understand people, but, I tend to "wear" their problems and it scares me.

3. I like to stay busy, quilting or volunteering with NPR or my church.

4. I love swamps and cypress trees with moss hanging from them. My favorite is the Corkscrew Swamp in Florida.

5. I cry sometimes, when I see young people being brave and getting up to sing on stage. I think how hard that must be to overcome that initial fear, not knowing if it's an appreciating audience or not or if they'll be good or not.

6. I like visual texture. Artwork that you look at once and see something, look at it again and you see something completely different.

7. Bats are the coolest animals because they have radar or sonar or something that allows them to fly so fast without bumping into each other and they eat mosquitoes.

Well, there it is, my weird random little known and less cared about facts about me.

So now I must tag 7 other bloggers for 7 random facts about them.

1. Yankee Quilter
2. Firefly Needles and Threads
3. Confessions of a Mad Quilter
4. Friendship Threads
5. As The Needle Bends
6. Creative Little Daisy
7. Pieces of Time

These are wonderful inspiring blogs that I have listed to the right. All these blogs are about life and quilting and other things to enjoy.

Make it a Great Day!


comicbooklady said...

Bats are not cool when they are flying around your bedroom in the middle of the night!! :O

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

OMG! Did that happen to you? How did they get in?

I still like

Su Bee said...

Hee hee -- I love bats! They're so cute - like a hamster and a pig produced an offspring with wings - body of a hamster and a pigs snout -- LOL!!
And I took your challenge - listed 7 random things. That's kind of fun!
Oh, BTW - the prairie dog is hysterical!! Who catches this action anyway?

diva of quilts said...

thanks for participating and sharing yours! it was my first time too.


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