Friday, April 20, 2007

Purchases at Chicago

It is so hard not to buy things at a quilt show!! I'm quite a Nester, but I've got to stop, because I don't need anything, but retail therapy is so fun!!

Here's my purchases from Chicago. In keeping with Stash Busting, it was the hardest thing I ever did, but I did not buy any fabric. My friend bought enough to make 4 quilts, so she made up for me. I did buy silk batting.

My all time favorite batting is wool. Like a good suit, it breathes with you and is light but warm. It machine quilts nicely and has a gentle loft-not too high or too low, just right. I've never tried silk batting, it's 90/10 the 10 being polyester. I'll let you know the results later, when I quilt something with using it.
So many things go into quilting a quilt, the thread can make a big difference as well. Nylon/Invisible thread cuts sharply into the fabric, when cotton is lighter and silk thread, I've learned appears to lay just right. I'm going to use up my cotton thread and start buying silk to quilt.
My next purchase is a book from Elenore Burns. Her company, Quilt In a Day, (yeah right) publishes great books

She really knows her audience and writes very nice books, easy to read and understand. If you are going to Paducah this year, don't miss her tent show at the fair grounds and she has bought a building downtown, which may or may not be good, I've never been to it. Her tent show is a lot of fun and very entertaining and informative, she gives quilting tips all through the show. Get there early, it fills up fast, but the shows repeat all during the day. They are pretty corny, but, hey, we are quilters in Kentucky and you know they kind of go together, and I like it that way, for a day is about all I can take, but, it's the spirit of the event that counts. You can never do too many chicken

Last but not least, I bought this program. It was helpful for shopping and planning to return to booths to look at things again or buy things. I also wrote the name and e-mail of a woman that asked if I'd send her a picture. I said sure and am going to send it out after I finish here.

Happy Quilting!


Connie said...

I'm interested in hearing how you like the silk batting! I like to do hand applique. The Eleanor Burns book looks like something I would like. Not that I need another one! :)

The Calico Cat said...

I know some people like her books because she does 1 quilt per book, instead of 20...

Helen in the UK said...

I've not heard of silk batting before. Hope you get on well with it - sounds like it should be good for hand quilting :)

Leigh said...

Silk batting wounds very luxurious. Let us know how it goes.

Alison said...

Will be interested in finding out more info on silk batting. It is fall in Australia but we say Autumn. Don't know why anyone would want to visit us in the middle of hot...too much humidity. This time of the year is great.

Rose said...

Love to hear how the silk batting goes.....u gotta spend at a quilt fair, thats half the fun!!!

Lilli said...

I love Eleanor Burns! She makes quilting so fun and easy. I *heart* her TV shows where she shares the history of women's crafts.

I applaud you for holding back on the fabric purchases! You're a strong woman :)


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